(In anticipation of the fourth Sunday of Advent)

Love is the basis of faith and the touchstone of life. Jesus taught it and lived it. Our scriptures repeatedly intone it. Our lives daily confirm it.

It is the foundation of what it means to be a family.

It is at the heart of parenting.

It is the gist of our deepest friendships.

It is the cornerstone of all congregations.

It is the premier connection among human beings.

It is the first step along our quest to know God, and it is the ultimate move in our yearning to enjoy God’s grace.

To say that we “love” someone or something or someplace reveals our ultimate loyalties and greatest commitments.

To describe what “loving” is like may be, at once, one of our hardest and most enjoyable tasks.

To say something is “lovely” is to clothe in words what is most beautiful in our lives.

We cannot use the lexicon of love enough, for such words are the keys to greater intimacy among human beings and the bridge to a deeper relationship with God.

Love is not merely a laudable recommendation; we can bet our lives on it.

– Bob Hill
(From ALL YOU NEED IS MORE LOVE, Caroline Street Press, 2019)

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