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(This Thanksgiving Prayer is offered for common use, individually and among families and friends, for Thanksgiving meals wherever you may gather. Alongside the situations that challenge us to new expressions of courage and dedication, we still have so much for which to be thankful.)

God of one and God of all,
we pray Your holy blessing
on those who gather with gratitude
around thanksgiving tables,
here and everywhere,
families reunited
and friends made welcome and glad.

For Your provision,
prodigal in its abundance,
we are thankful.

For the life we enjoy
and the living we would dare,
we are thankful.

For the hopes engendered,
here and beyond,
we are thankful.

And we remain grateful still
for yet more blessings:
Your strength among us;
Your love within us;
Your peace when we pray and when we play,
in our work and in our rest,
in our dreams and in our jests.

With deep thanksgiving, then,
we pray for Your lasting,
shining shalom on all this day. Amen.

[From ALL YOU NEED IS MORE LOVE (Kansas City: Caroline Street Press, 2019)]


(From my new book ALL YOU NEED IS MORE LOVE. The second leg of the book launch happens this Sunday, Nov. 24, with a book signing at Community Christian Church, 4601 Main Street, KCMO 64112, after the 10:30 service.)

For at least two weeks every autumn, an explosion of color blankets Kansas City and the whole of Missouri and Kansas. The traditional eruption of color in the Northeast has usually already begun, though it may be late depending on rainfall and summer conditions. Low-lying locales in Arizona and Nevada and balmy settings like the coastal areas of Texas and Florida afford other graces but not so much the enrapturing “turning of the leaves” that we enjoy here.

As autumn’s raiment is fully revealed, I suggest you make your way down Wornall Road and behold the colonnade of trees along the Harry Wiggins Trolley Track Trail (a.k.a. Brookside Trail) between Meyer and Gregory boulevards. Some afternoons, manifestations of God’s grandeur, like a 21st century burning bush, will be blindingly present there. On some mornings, the glint of sunrise will caress the tree-tops there in mauve-and-magenta majesty and all creation will seem to have risen in praise.

Our regular lives, necessarily focused on the daily routine, may keep us from visiting picture-perfect displays of autumn’s beauty in famous places elsewhere. But no worries, the beauty is already here, where you and I live, in our own famous places, right down the block and in your yard and here in the heart of the heart of the country on a stretch of neighborhood that waits to bless with effusive visual epiphanies.

There are many signs of God’s gracings in the world, but few as arresting as Kansas City’s oaks and maples offering up their generous evidence of holy transformation.

– Bob Hill


AYNIML - Nov. 17 launch poster.pub.large.jpg
I’m  excited to announce that the launch of my newest book will happen next week at two events, one on Sunday, Nov. 17, 5:30-7:00 pm, at The Well, 7421 Broadway, KCMO 64114 (with light refreshments provided for one and all), and another on Sunday, Nov. 24, 11:45 am- 12:45 pm at Community Christian Church, 4601 Main St., KCMO 64112.  You will be most welcome at either and/or both occasions!   (See detailed information below.)
To read the publisher’s full press release (which includes dates/locations for additional book signings in December,  click here.
To read Bill Tammeus’ review, click here.


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