Top 20 Religious Stories of 2015



As shared on “Religion On the Line,” the live, weekly, Sunday morning call-in show on KCMO Talk Radio (710AM/103.7FM).

1. Nine murdered at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina
2. Pope Francis visits U.S.
3. Pope Francis visits Africa
4. Insane acts/events associated with ISIS/ISIL
5. Supreme Court affirms gay marriage rights
6. Lessons about facing death from Pres. Jimmy Carter
7. Bishop Robert Finn’s resignation
8. Nuns are still on the bus
9. Crisis for Zen Buddhism in Japan
10. Mormons disallow blessing of children for same-sex couples
11. Cardinal O’Malley’s counselor role to Pope Francis
12. UAE’s anti-discrimination law (blasphemy law in disguise)
13. NY Daily News Headline: “God Isn’t Fixing This”
14. Jerry Falwell, Jr. urging killing Muslims @Liberty U.
15. Kim Davis’ refusal to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples
16. Donald Trump’s/Ben Carson’s anti-Muslim rhetoric
17. The Dalai Lama’s continuing humility
18. Franklin Graham’s $880,000 & anti-Muslim rhetoric
19. Top Mormon leader Boyd K. Packer dies
20. Boko Haram’s murders and mayhem in Nigeria

Notable Passings– Fr. Tom O’Brien, Marcus Borg, Andre Crouch, Mormon leaders (L. Tom Perry, Boyd K. Packer, Richard G. Scott), Wayne Dyer, Phyllis Tickle, James Fowler, Fr. Joseph F. Girzone


(1) James Johnston appointed Bishop of KC/St.Joseph diocese
(2) Bishop Finn’s resignation
(3) Glen Miller convicted, sentenced for 2014 murders at JCC and Shalom Village
(4) Interfaith leaders react to Trump’s Islamophobia
(5) Central Baptist among fastest-growing seminaries
(6) Firefighters who died in the line of duty
(7) Sense of unity re KC Royals’ winning ways/style of play
(8) GKC Interfaith Council’s continuing compassionate witness
(9) Church of the Resurrection breaks ground on new sanctuary
(10) “Religion on the Line” makes it on to Wikipedia!!!

Notable Passings – David Goldstein, Fr. John Wandless

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